Hammersmith and Fulham Mould Removal

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What is Mould?

Mould is a fungus that grows in buldings under the right conditions of poor circulation, dampness and darkness.

Preventative maintenance steps:

  • Ensure humidity is between 35% – 45%
  • Check for build up of condensation
  • Check for pipes that are leaking

Humidity can be reduced by increasing ventilation or repairing leaks.

  • Ensure dryers are being vented externally
  • Check that extractors are working correctly,
  • Check damp proof courses
  • Ensure that gutters are clean and in good condition

What is Condensation?

Condensation occurs when damp air, comes into contact with a cold surface. This then causes damage to timbers, furnishings and walls.

This will lead to mould growth as time goes by. Mould usually comes a must damp like odour and is usually grey or black in colour. Other known colours for this fungus are green, white, pink and yellow.

Hammersmith Mould Removal & Condensation Solutions:

There are a few things that can be done to reduce or prevent condensation and damp.

Ensure your home has adequate ventilation and heating.

In areas where there will be higher amounts of water in the air like bathrooms, kitchen and utility room, paint ceiling with a fungicide coating and Install extractor fans to help with the removal of excess moisture from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Purchase a dehumidifier to control the amount of moisture in the air by moving it around the house. Avoid drying clothes in the building. If you must, then open a window, close the door to prevent moisture from going into other rooms and put a  dehumidifier in that room.

Avoid using paraffin and bottled gas heaters to heat your home as these add to the moisture in the air.

Try to install double glazed windows and doors.

Fulham Mould Removal – Health Hazards

Clean and modern homes are not immune to damp, moisture, mould. Not only is it a health hazard but it can it be tricky to fix and unpleasant to live.

Just a small amount of mould gives off Millions of spores can be released from a small amount of the fungus and this can and can cause a reaction in humans and animals.

Some of the known symptoms are:

Feeling congested
Eyes that itch
Runny nose
Puffy eyes
Respiratory ailments
Lingering sinusitis
Lingering cold

Allergies aside, the fungus can be problematic for people with weakened immune systems, the elderly, babies and individuals with other health-related conditions.

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Causes of Dampness and Condensation in Hammersmith and Fulham

(1) Ingress of Water – Leaks from showers, baths and sinks, and their piping where water may get in unseen places or seep under floorboards or cupboards.

(2) Rising and Penetrating Damp – usually caused by defective damp proof courses, water pooling near the house foundations, or blocked external drains.

(3) Condensation - Condensation is usually noticeable where it forms on windowsills, windows,  tiles and mirrors (non-absorbent surfaces) but it has been known to form on other surfaces may not be noticed until fungal growth or rotting of material has occurred.

Black Mould Removal in Hammersmith and Fulham

This fungus (Stachybotrys chartarum) releases lethal mycotoxin spores and has been known to cause degradation of the immune system, pulmonary decay, neurological breakdown, skin irritation, and there are even reports of death.

Stachybotrys has a distinct musty earthy smell, almost like rotting leaves. It’s usually found in high corners, flashed around windows in wet rooms (For example kitchens and bathrooms), or creeping along the grout. You may visit the Hammersmith and Fulham Council page for more info.

Suppresses your immune system.

When you breathe in stachybotrys chartarum spores, your immune system becomes weak, you can also become more easily ill from germs on top of being sick from the mould.

Stachybotrys chartarum endangers pregnant women.

Women who are pregnant may suffer from miscarriage, birth defects, and infertility.

stachybotrys chartarum can harm anyone—including pets.

The young, sick, and elderly are most susceptible to stachybotrys chartarum symptoms and damage, but all living things can be harmed by this fungus.

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Stachybotrys chartarum has a smell.

It smells like must and mildew, so it’s detectable even when you are unable to see it.

Remediation involves the cleaning up of existing mould while avoiding exposure to the homeowners and oneself, and addressing the moisture source to prevent new growth. Based on your calculation of the contamination area, determine if you're working in an area up to 30 square feet (approximately the size of a full sheet of drywall).

Guidelines for Remediation Levels

Level 1 – Used for small, isolated areas of up to 10 sq. ft.

Level 2 remediation covers areas that are from 10 – 30 sq. ft.

The cleanup process is identical for Level 1 and Level 2 mould remediation. The steps ares:

  • Repair the source of the water problem.
  • Isolation of the contaminated areas.
  • Level 2 remediation, will also cover all openings and doorways with 6 mil polyethylene sheeting.
  • Suppress dust. Do this by Misting of the contaminated areas to suppress dust in the room.
  • Removal of materials and pace them in bags that are at least 6 mil in thickness.
  • Clean up.
  • Clean the affected area and egress.
  • Visibility test. All areas should be visibly free of dust, dirt debris and contamination.
  • Drying. Cleaned materials must be dried to allow leftover moisture to evaporate
  • Replace. All materials that were moved should be repaired or replaced.