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We specialise in the prevention and treatment of damp, timber treatments, woodworm and basement work in the borough of Barnet.

Condensation Control in Barnet

Condensation problems have become common and our damp proofing company in Barnet is here to help.

Did you know that one of the most common causes of moisture in homes and offices is condensation? Modern living has been one of the factors that have contributed to the increase in the number of condensation that we have seen in Barnet.

The moisture created by normal regular activities such as cooking, washing, drying clothes indoors and cleaning are some of the contributing factors to this potentially hazardous problem.  Poor insulation and/or ventilation has been known to exacerbate the problem.

The air in our homes retains moisture due to daily activities. When the air is warm the air retains this moisture and when our homes are kept warm the problem is less apparent to us. When the warm air with the moisture hits a cold surface (windows and walls) it then causes water droplets to form on the surface, and this is what we know as condensation.

This will eventually cause damp patches to appear on walls and ceilings, and it can cause the formation of mould around windows and other areas and can also pose potential health risks.


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Comprehensive Range Of Damp Treatments in Barnet

If you have concerns about a property that you’re thinking about building, renovating, fixing a damp wall in a property or buying, then we are here to assist. We offer a comprehensive range of condensation and moisture treatments our reliable moisture specialist service is certain to get the job done right the first time.

We also offer waterproofing solutions for new and existing basements.

Where We Operate

Our damp treatment and other moisture treatments can be carried out in both commercial and domestic properties.

If you are looking for:

  • Damp Proofing Barnet

  • Damp proofing in East Barnet

  • Damp proofing in North Barnet

  • Damp proofing north Barnet

  • Damp proofing North West Barnet

  • Damp proofing South East Barnet

  • Damp proofing South West Barnet

  • Damp proofing West Barnet

Then contact us asap as our range of services includes resolving problems caused by ventilation, poor heating, structural damp problems requiring damp proof courses, tanking and waterproofing in all areas of Barnet.


Barnet Rising Damp Proofing Specialists

When a property is being sold or purchased, it’s usually during the survey that rising damp is usually detected. This means that water saturation may not be visibly dramatic. However, if left untreated, this can cause significant structural problems and may lead to dry or wet rot in joinery or floors or cause other underlying issues.

Treatment of rising damp will typically require removal of the internal plaster and skirting boards, which is then followed by the installation of a new damp proof course. After this has been done, we use a waterproof specialist plaster to replaster the walls.

Where such dampness occurs, an inspection of the extent of the problem and the condition of the adjacent timbers is recommended to provide an accurate evaluation of the most appropriate treatment.

Penetrating Damp in Barnet (Chipping or High Barnet)

Plaster may fail or rot due to penetrating damp which can be caused by leaky gutters and downpipes that were not repaired for many years. In situations like this where there is dampness then an inspection to assess the extent of the problem and condition of nearby timers will be recommended.

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Damp Proofing Companies Barnet Tip.

A build-up of moisture in your home can cause a range of problems, and can potentially damage the fabric of the building if it is allowed to continue. This may lead to the growth of mould which can be harmful to the health of the occupants.


Here are 4 ways for moisture to get in your Chipping Barnet property

  1. Rain can get in through damaged guttering, leaking roofs, blocked gutters, poorly fitting doors and windows and leaky walls.
  2. Leaks from showers and poorly sealed baths, plumbing pipes.
  3. If the damp proof course isn’t working properly then groundwater can rise up through the floors and walls.
  4. Moisture is added to the air all the time from cooking, breathing, drying clothes, and from our house plants and pets.

Did you know that condensation is commonly caused by a lack of balance between ventilation and  heating, resulting in a rise in humidity levels?

For additional info visit the Borough Of Barnet Council website.

Woodworm Treatment in Barnet

One of the most damaging pest control problems for any property is an infestation caused by woodworm.  It can become a serious danger to the structural integrity building and furniture if not treated in a timely manner.  Contact us as soon as possible if you think that you have woodworm on your property.

Woodworms get their water supply from the damp wood. If you have any ongoing water-related problems then contact us as soon as possible.

How to Spot a Woodworm Infestation in your Barnet property.

How do you know if you have a current woodworm infestation?  If you see tiny holes in the wood then it is a sign that you may have a woodworm infestation.  If you see a hole where you know for certain that there was no previous hole then you may have a woodworm infestation. If you look at an old piece of wood and notice holes in them then it is more than likely that they have gone already.

In a situation like these, it is best to contact us for a home survey to assess if you have a woodworm infestation and to also determine the extent of the damage.

Visit the Target Mould Removal home page to view our other services.

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