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Mould is a fungal organism that has been responsible for damages to several properties in Brent. It spreads quickly from one area to the next as its spores (The spores are minute structures produced for reproduction purposes) become airborne. The fungus is identified by the presence of stains, green or black splotches, moist surfaces and a musty odour. Upper respiratory complications, severe asthmatic problems and allergy irritations, have been linked to this fungus.

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Mould Test in and around Brent U.K.

We are among the top experts in the diagnosis of the cause of condensation and damp, which is a leading cause of mould.

The fungus is probably the main suspect behind the increase respiratory illnesses (asthma) in recent times and there is a renewed focus by responsible landlords in Brent to make certain that their tenants are not suffering from these bad living conditions.

The causes of the infestation need to be identified and corrected or it will return very quickly.

How do you remove mould in Brent?

Step 1 - Inspection – Our contractors will search your property for visible growth, invisible spores and use humidity meters to measure the moisture levels. Once we have analysed your property we will then be able to determine the correct process that is needed to be taken in order to completely remove the fungus and prevent its return into the property.

Step 2 - Correction – We will stop the source of direct moisture (leaking pipes, subfloor water seepage, leaking gutters, leaking ceiling, etc.) No two outbreaks are the same so each removal will be based on the type of outbreak in the building.

Step 3 - Removal – Depending on the type of outbreak we may start with a mist spray of our non-toxic, non-hazardous mould removal agent along with using air purifiers to capture airborne spores.

Step 4 - Drying Process – We will use dehumidifiers throughout the entire home to ensure that the building structures are dried properly.

Step 5 - Prevention – To ensure that the fungus does not return, the original root source of the outbreak must be rectified.  We will advise you on the prevention process that should be done.

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Damp and Mold Removal in Brent

Damp has been known to cause mould to be on furniture and walls and can cause rotting of wooden window frames. It has also been known to be harmful to pets and your health. Care must be taken into consideration when removing the fungus from your house.

If the outbreak is severe and you think that it is affecting your family's health then please contact us immediately.

Dealing with condensation and mould

Some types of damp are caused by condensation. This can lead to a growth of tiny black dots known as mould.

Condensation occurs when the air that is moist comes into direct contact with a colder surface such as a window, mirror, wall etc. Tiny droplets of water will eventually appear due to the fact that the air cannot hold the moisture. It also occurs in areas behind furniture or the corners of the rooms has air that is still, then the fungus will also be formed.

  • We suggest that during the winter season, you try to keep the temperature above 18 degrees.
  • The fungus does not grow on surfaces that are dry so it’s really important for you to remind your family members to wipe off as soon as possible any condensation from your walls, windows, every surface or mirrors every morning to help prevent the fungus from growing.
  • Keep doors closed when cooking or taking a shower/bath it’s best to keep the doors closed to prevent the excess moisture from going into the adjoining rooms.
  • To stop condensation from forming after taking a bath we suggest that you keep the bathroom windows open and if you have an extractor fan, then turn it on as this will remove the excess moisture that is in the air.
  • Drying your clothes inside will increase the moisture inside the room, so it is best to dry clothes outside if you can. If you are not able to dry them outside then, put them in a closed room with the windows open.
  • If you use a tumble dryer to dry your clothes then make sure that the ventilation extraction pipe is running to the outside your building.

Target Mould Removal specialises in mould remediation and removal. Our removal process focuses on:

  • Identifying the source of the problem
  • Providing recommendations to find a permanent solution
  • Remediating the property and its contents.

Brent Mould Remediation

Our removal service is effective and fast. Depending on the level of the outbreak, it may not be necessary to repaint the walls after treatment.

Condensation, penetrating damp and rising damp, are the three most common types of damp that is usually found in the London Borough of Brent residential properties. Each of these need to be treated in different ways, therefore before you try to get it fixed it is important to know what type of damp is affecting your building.

Mould removal in Brent must be done effectively and efficiently. If the fungus is left to spread then it will require our professional Brent mould remediation services, unless it is treated in its early stage of growth. Through remediation, the spores and fungus are contained. All material including walls, structural components and flooring that have come into direct contact with fungus are restored or replaced if necessary. After the treatment, a property inspection for mildew and mould will be done.

Brent Mould Removal and Remediation FAQ

Why do I need a professional?

Many of the “off the shelf” remedies or products are not effective at completely removing and killing the various types of fungi. Some cleaning methods have lea to spreading the spores to other areas of the property.

Will I have to move out of my house?

In the majority of the cases, you will only need to be out during the treatment process and usually for a short period afterwards.

Will I need to paint afterwards?

In the majority of the cases that we have dealt with the paintwork comes up clean and fresh after our treatment. Painting, therefore, may not be needed, however, this depends on the age, quality, age, and state of current paintwork.

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