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Concerned that your property or home in the London Borough of Bexley may have been affected by mildew or mould growth? Our contractors are the go-to experts in mildew and mould remediation, removal and detection in both commercial and residential properties.

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The London Borough of Bexley one is of the safest and cheapest boroughs in the whole of London. Its northern border follows the River Thames, while the River Cray and the River Shuttle meander through the borough. These natural waterways sustain the charming countryside of Bexley, which has high levels of resident satisfaction and has been rated as 'excellent' by the Audit Commission, the local government watchdog. For more info, you can visit the London Borough of Bexley Government website.


  1. Investigate hidden and visible, live and dead mould, providing analysis and risk and hazard assessments
  2. Flood, damp and condensation investigation
  3. Toxic mould investigation and potential health hazards assessment
  4. Mould sampling, lab analysis.
  5. Indoor air quality assessments
  6. Moisture, condensation, and leaks investigated
  7. Insulation and ventilation/condensation investigation and more


There is wide variability in how people are affected by exposure to this fungus. Individuals that may be affected more quickly an severely than others include infants, the elderly, children, pregnant women, individuals with weakened immune systems and those with respiratory-related problems (allergies and asthma).

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Mould Removal Bexley

With the rain and cold weather conditions of the London Borough of Bexley, mould can be a real problem to individuals and also pets. Areas that have moisture are ideal for its growth, particularly in attics, basements, walls and under sinks. All mould is different: it can be white and fuzzy, green, black or red. Depending on the person, It has been known to cause a variety of health-related issues and can weaken s the integrity of a structure and lower the resale cost of a home.

If you’ve had ventilation that is inappropriate, flooding, bathrooms that get a lot of steam from the occupants taking hot showers, sewage leaking, then there is a great possibility that there is mould in your building and it is known to destroy whatever it lives on!

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Places to check for mould in your Bexley home

In the shower and bathtub

Bathtubs and showers are two of the most common places are likely to find mould. These areas are usually damp due to repeated use. If it is possible, we suggest that you open your windows to increase ventilation which will reduce the mould spores being able to thrive.

The toilet and sink

The presence of water in combination with the humidity of bathrooms makes toilets and sinks prone to mould growth. The surface of the counters and sinks, if not dried and cleaned properly, will eventually be habitations for growth of the fungus. Inspect areas that are prone to moisture and damp such as toothbrush caddies, toothpaste, behind the toilet, the tank of the toilet, visible piping for toilets and under the sink.



How Well Does Mould Grow In Bexley?

Mould can grow on almost any surface, so it is critical to be proactive about mould prevention and treatment. Below is a list of some areas where you should be on the lookout for mould growth.

How do you know if mould is making you sick?

For individuals sensitive to mould, inhaling or touching the spores has been known to cause allergic reactions such runny nose, sneezing, red eyes, and outbreaks of skin rash.  Individuals have also complained of having shortness of breath in severe reaction cases.

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