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Barnet is a London borough (North London) in the suburbs. It is the largest populated London borough and forms part of Outer London. The year 1965 is when this borough was formed from parts of Middlesex counties and Hertfordshire counties.  The Barnet London Borough Council, based in Hendon is the local authority.


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Microscopic spores are released into the air by the mould. Due to the fact that the spores are airborne, all homes will have these spores in them, some will have more than others. The fungus grows in homes because almost all homes meet the requirements of their growth:, nutrients (such as cellulose), moisture and time.

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growth of hyphae results in discoloration and a fuzzy appearance


  1. Where is mould most likely to occur on my House in Barnet? --    These can develop anywhere. But it’s mostly found in warm and damp parts as well as areas that hardly receive adequate natural air.
  2. What is the differentiating factor between removal and remediation? -- It’s the effort involved in the process. The removal process just takes care of removing them from your property while the remediation process involves not only getting rid of them but finding the source and taking care of it.
  3. What’s the cost of your mould removal service? – Every project is different due to the unique and different ways the fungus could evolve on each property so the costs will depend on the individual circumstances and situation surrounding each project.


The presence on your property can be a danger not only to the stability of your physical property but the health of you and your family who occupy the affected property. Both are situations you do not want to find yourself in so it’s important that you contact our company as soon as you spot any signs as early detection will make it easy to remove and remediate so that it doesn’t reoccur in the future and negatively affect you and your property.


This fungus can grow anywhere but it’s often found in places that are hardly ventilated and in warm and damp areas.  It can occur both indoors and outdoors in leaky roofs and windows, air ducts and air filters, leaky piping and ventilation systems among others.

It has also been observed to grow in a varied number of surfaces including wallpaper, carpets, ceiling and floor tiles, wall and floor insulations, paint, cardboard, drywall, fabric, wood and upholstery among other items.

Anybody can spot and smell mould anywhere it occurs. It is usually a spot on the surface that is coloured differently from the surface colour and smells ‘musty’.

Did you now that not all mould is black and not all black mould is toxic?


Health professionals and organizations like the CDC acknowledge the presence of mould as a health risk since it indicates the presence of other health hazards around. They can pose a danger to your health even though not every one of them is toxic. Its long term presence could lead to deterioration of the health of you and your family.

Some of the health complications that can arise due to exposure includes a cough that is persistent, asthma complications, sneezing, breathing difficulties, respiratory complications, skin irritations and allergies. Feeling lethargic and some form of memory loss has been attributed to the presence of mould. If not treated in a timely manner these complications could lead to serious health burdens that may lead to death.


Usually, mould starts to form on the surface but if left unchecked it spreads goes into the surface causing more damage.

Let’s look at a wall for example. The fungus could form on the surface of your wallpaper but it’s easy and cheap to treat at this point. But if untreated, it could spread and affect your walls which could damage the structural stability of the property. Treatment at this stage can be done but it will be expensive and complicated and at times, might require the demolition and reconstruction of the affected wall.

Another example we can look at is the floor. If it's spotted on a carpet or floor tiles, it can be removed and remediated at an inexpensive rate. But let it grow unchecked and affect the flooring itself and now you have a building that is dangerous to everyone within it as the floor gets weaker. In order to rectify this issue as you have to reconstruct and treat the floors in order to make your property safe for human habitation, meaning you will be spending a lot of money which is many times what you would have spent treating the carpet or floor tile level.


You are unlikely to have damp (rising, penetration or condensation) unless you live on the ground floor of a property. Rain coming through the walls, roofs of buildings, or overflows, leaking pipes, are some of the causes of damp.

If you are having thoughts that damp is beings caused by external faults in the building structure then please contact a mould removal specialist at the earliest sighting on your property as you will be saving yourself much larger financial stress from leaving it unchecked. It’s also advisable to get professionals to check your property for any type of infestation even though you’re not obliged to patronize our services if we examine your property.

Condensation can be greatly reduced by:

  • Using a fungicidal wash to wipe the window frames and walls.
  • If you find any clothes with mildew, then dry clean them as soon as possible,
  • It's best to shampoo the carpets if there are signs of mildew. Brushing or vacuum cleaning them is not advisable
  • Use a good quality fungicidal paint to redecorate the room to reduce the chance of the fungus returning.

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